Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Monday, November 27, 2006

Jack Shephard : the leader 237 words
A group was in the forest and me, I was with the marshall man on the beach. The man didn’t stop to say « she is dangerous ». He told me to check in his jacket pocket and I found a sheet with Kate’s picture. At this moment, I understood that she was a fugitive. Later, Hurley came to see me and he found the sheet. When the group came back to the forest, Kate told me about the signal they heard. The signal was a French woman who said that something killed them all and was transmitting for sixteen years. She didn’t tell me about his story and I said nothing too. To help the man, I went to the airplane to find pills and I met Shawn who told me that it wasn’t a good idea to try to help a man who had a piece of metal in the chest. When I returned to the tent, the marshall man was trying to strangle Kate. I stopped them and Kate told me to kill the man to stop his suffering, so I told her that I knew his secret. After, the man asked me to leave him alone with Kate, so I left. A few minutes later, I heard a gunshot, I thought it was Kate so I ran to the tent, but I found Shawn. Shawn shot the man.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Lost, 2

At the beginning, almost everybody tried to find their luggages except Shannon who was waitting for the help. Jin, the korean man, made plates of foods, for the rest of the people, with navy creature. During this time, Walt, a little boy of 9, who lost his mother a couple of weeks ago, searched his dog and he found handcuffs. This find sowed panic on the island, and two men, Sayid, a former Iraqi soldier and Sawyer, a man with a difficult temperament began to fight by showing one and the other to be a criminal. Jack, Kate and Charlie came back from the forest with the radio and asked to Sayid, a communication expert, to repair it. After, Kate, Charlie, Sayid, Sawyer, Boone and Shannon left to go up to the montain to get a signal. Jack stayed on the beach to help an officer who had a metal piece in the chest. In the forest, a creature came towards them, and Sawyer decided to get out a gun and shoot. It was a polar bear, it was strange. When Kate saw the gun which came from an officer, it reminde her what occurred on the airplane, so we understood that she was the fugitive. Later, the radio picked up a signal, but they could’t use it because an other person on the island was transmitting a message. This message said “ help me, he kill them all ” and the message was transmitting without stop for sixteen years.
254 words

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


For my T.V journal, I chose the program "Lost". I chose this program, because they started their first season last year. I saw one show of the series in French last year and I really liked the show. The story happens on a desert island. The forty-eight survivors takes Flight 815 then the plane crashed in the middle of the ocean. They were waiting for help, but nobody came, so they tried to live and counter the danger. The most important character is Jack, he is a doctor and he becames the leader of the group. In the first show, Jack helped everybody to get up and stop panicking. After, he asked a women, Kate, to sew his wound. Kate is a fugitive. During, the night, the survivors saw something, like a big monster, reversing the trees. The next morning, Jack, Kate and Charlie, an ex-rock-star and a heroin addict went to the woods to search for the other part of the plane, to use the radio and ask some help. When they found the plane, the pilot was alive and the radio didn’t work. Suddently, the creature appeared and took the pilot. Feeling afraid, the three people got out of the plane and ran in to the forest. When the sun appeared, the three people met them in the middle of the forest, and they found the pilot, dead, in a tree. 234 words